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Wedding packages

The bride wanted her guests to feel the elegant, chic simplicity vibe of her wedding as before they even arrived. Kailey Strachan Creative was hired to help her set the right tone from the minute they received their invitation. Through bringing elements of the setting together with an sophisticated bold typeface - we achieved the perfect combo of classic Palm Springs meets classic, polished, feminine chic.  

Oyster bar

The Oyster Bar is the passion project of entrepreneur and co-founder of the Ritter’s SKC concept, Linh Nguyen. A consummate foodie, Linh has traveled the world, one famed oyster region a time.


hollywood film festival

In 2014, I had the pleasure of working with the newly-bought Hollywood Film Festival alongside their new management team. The team wanted to take the traditional feel of Hollywood and combine it with socially conscious modern look. As a result The Hollywood Film Festival showcased the best in regional and international cinema, presenting a unique combination of socially conscious filmmakers, emerging artists and master storytellers in the film capital of the world. 

Warner Bros. Records

As an Intern of Warner Bros. Records I had the opportunity to work with several different artists to help create promotional materials, web banners and creative conception for albums. These artists range from Echosmith, The Black Keys, Bad Things, LP, Skaters, Jenny Lewis, Jason Derulo and many others. The following is a just a snippet of the materials I created for them throughout my internship.